Testing Capabilities

Our extensive, uncompromising, company-wide quality control system carefully monitors our manufacturing processes to assure a product that performs to the highest industry standards. Quality assurance procedures include 100% hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of all valves in full conformance to applicable API standards and industry codes.

BFE products are manufactured and tested in strict accordance to ASTM, ASME, ANSI, API and other applicable industry codes and specifications.
Chemical and mechanical properties of all Bonney Forge products are fully traceable to the original forging lot and raw material heat. Requirements of the market are in a state of constant evolution, and customers’ quality needs are met and exceeded by the complete business process.

Hydrostatic and pneumatic testing up to 2000 Bar

Cryogenic testing

High temperature testing Max temp 650°C

Gas testing up to 1800 Bar and Fugitive emission testing

Vacuum testing

Fire safe

PMI - Chemistry analysis

Ultrasonic testing

Penetrant testing

Magnetic testing

Radiographic testing

Paint inspection